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Michael Mandaville
Michael MandavilleCEO

A little about Mr. Mandaville 

Michael Mandaville has worked for over 25 years as a top project manager in the Film and Media Industry. While working in film, writing countless screenplays, novels, and a couple of non-fiction books, Michael has taught children martial arts with Master Bryan Hawkins in West Los Angeles.

Michael is a bondable line producer and worked as a Risk Manager at the Motion Picture Bond Company. Michael has provided Computerized Scheduling and Budgeting on Movie Magic for clients including Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Bob Rafelson, Kushner-Locke Company, Mark Damon Worldwide and other companies.

Michael has also created training and education programs for young independent filmmakers at

He attended the BA program from Columbia College, received a BA from UCSB in Philosophy, and a Masters Degree in Professional Writing at USC.

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