Little Musical English

Little Musical English is a language and communication program targeted for infants and toddlers where, using pictures and props, they talk to their parents repeating the vocabulary in a natural conversation-like manner with song and music. The children pointing out specific items like a game and thus learning the vocabulary.

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Little Musical English is a early child language and communication development program that help children develop communication, vocabulary, confidence, social skills, responsibility and expressiveness through musicals.
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Little Musical English teaches language and communication so sensibly that kids absorb language faster and more efficiently. It uses topics that trigger their curiosity such as daily life, family, friends, nearby objects, animals, etc. and will help children to expand their minds and character.

Using eye-catching pictures and music that is energetic paired with a fun dance, this program makes for a fun learning environment so that children may feel closer to the language. It is not a memorization method but a method using various songs and activities which children can learn physically which will embed the information in their memories quicker and for a longer period of time. Songs that are easy to follow along among genres that children love help develop memory skills.
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