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When Traveling With Your Children

Traveling even if just for a weekend trip can be very exciting even for children. However, we have to understand that when we travel with children whether via the plane, ship, train, bus, or drive our own vehicle, kids can become restless especially when the travel time is quite long. Here are several tips to keep your children entertained and

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Understanding How The Internet Affects Children

Between surfing the Internet, visiting chat rooms and sending text messages, children spend a great deal of time in cyberspace-and it's up to parents to make sure their kids spend that time safely. Consider the following statistics: Approximately 90 percent of children ages 8 to 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet. Approximately 70 percent of sexual advances on the

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Top Holiday Gift Idea for Children

Believe it or not, the Holiday Season is almost among us, along with its customary rituals and feasts. Yes, and Gift giving as well. Just as if the stress of every day life, the price of oil and the forest fires are not enough, now we have to shoulder the additional stress of picking out great gifts, and get them

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Today's Children

Children today are different from what their parents were in their childhood. The age of innocence ends very early today compared to yesteryears. Children are very well aware of their surrounding world and of daily affairs. The rate of literacy in first world countries is very high and increasing in the other nations. Most children receive a formal education starting with

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Tips To Help Keep Children Safe From Internet Dangers

Parents don't have to be computer experts to keep their children safe online. According to the University of New Hampshire's Crimes Against Children Research Center, the first step is to realize that one out of every five youths who use the Internet receives an online sexual approach of solicitation during a one-year period. Even scarier, in 15 percent of such

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Thumb Sucking – A Common Problem For Children

Thumb sucking is a very common problem faced by many children. Many infants develop this habit even before they are born. It provides a level of comfort to the child. It helps the child to settle down as sucking denotes the idea of nutrition. Many a times mother' milk is more than enough to get through this phase of thumb

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