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World Story is a program that helps to grow children's minds through learning language and stories from all over the world. Along with their ability to express themselves. It also provides help with speech and is an advance learning process that proudly won first prize in the English Essay Contest.

Children enjoy learning brand new stories and cultures from around the world thus developing social skills, cultural understandings, tolerance, all while students repeat role-play activities based on real-life foreign cultural stories and situations. This program includes content that will help to prepare students for elementary school.

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Musical English helps to train children’s ears to listening and communication skills.

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Musical Performance Content

World Story is an advanced learning program that helps with not only English skills but also English essay writing skills through repeatedly doing the “Answer The Question” activity in every scene in which the children listen and talk to each other about their thoughts and reflections. This will help with their critical thinking and ability to express themselves. World Story helps to grow not only their language skills but also their imagination and creativity.

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