Careers in Teaching at My Musical English:

Are you looking for a fun and exciting career in teaching pre-K, Kindergarten, and elementary school aged kids?  We are seeking a sharp, fun, enthusiastic Teacher who is dedicated to inspiring young children to learn and grow.


We have an easy to learn and easy to follow curriculum that has been very specifically developed to help our new teachers learn fast and learn well so that training time is cut down to a minimum.  We have four levels and dozens of books and musicals to learn, but you only need to learn one at a time as you jump in to the world of Musical English and Musical Theater.

Our Regional Director, AJ Lennon (right) will be your personal coach and help you get started in the most fun and rewarding early childhood development program you have ever seen.

Musical English is currently taught as an adjunct language and communications development program in Montessori/Pre-Schools, Kindergartens, and Elementary schools in the Los Angeles area and is growing rapidly.

AJ teaching-1sm - Musical English - early childhood learning program
Jody teaching-1sm - Musical English - early childhood learning program


The successful candidate will have a positive teaching experience and references. The candidate must be organized and creative; have excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills; be reliable and imaginative; and have the ability to inspire, challenge, and engage students academically and emotionally.  Most importantly, always on time for our little ones!

The best Candidate will teach children communication development through fun musicals such as Snow White, Jungle Book, Peter Pan and more to children just learning to speak and communicate; toddler through kindergarten, as well as ESL students up through 5th Grade. This person will learn Musical English’s precise scientifically developed curriculum, which is pre-scripted and choreographed with basic easy to follow body motions that coincide with music, song, and dialogue.  But, you will only have to learn one at a time.  We don’t expect you to get it all memorized overnight!


  • A Golden Heart for kids!
  • Punctuality: Teachers are leaders and child development professionals. We are responsible for the well-being of the children we teach. That means we always show up 10 minutes early and only leave after there is another qualified supervising adult to take our place when we leave.
  • Reliable Transportation: Musical Theater classes are ‘mobile’ meaning you must have a reliable vehicle to travel to the location(s) you will teach your classes. Plan your travel time to account for Los Angeles’ notoriously bad traffic.
  • Teaching Experience: Previous teaching experience is a PLUS!
  • Music, Dance, Performance: having a background in music, dance, and/or a performance art is a PLUS!
  • ECE Certifications: ECE (Early Childhood Education) certifications are not required but a definite PLUS!
Kids perform KR-1 - Musical English - early childhood learning program
AJ-Kasie teaching-1sm - Musical English - early childhood learning program

About Musical English:

Musical English is a very fun and interesting program where children learn language and communication with social skills through musical performance incorporating vocabulary, song, music, dance, and acting.

Musical English is a multiple award-winning early childhood language and communication development program created by two language professors who scientifically applied English language melodic intonations to music and motion to create what is now the most successful learning program in S. Korea. With over 2 million students taught in nearly 5,000 schools, Musical English has a proven track record to successfully teach infants, toddlers, Pre-K, and Kindergarten – up to 10 years of age English as a primary language, as well as foreign-students learning to speak English for the first time.

Work Hours:

Depending on location: Generally, teaching hours are during school hours, or if an after school program, completing by 5pm.  Right now, as we are in a growth phase, your work will start with a little training, then as an assistant teacher, and then you will take off with your own classes to teach.  Work is part-time and based on availability and geography (it is a big city).

Get Started!

If you believe that you fit this description, please e-mail a resume including detailed work experience, supporting recommendations and documents, references, and a short statement about why you think you would be the best person for the job to info – at – MyMusicalEnglish – dot – com.