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Company Overview

What is Musical English and why is it so tremendously effective?

Musical English is at its most basic element a fun language and communication development program for Children (1 – 10) taught through song/music, motion/acting, and dance – in a Musical for Kids!

  • Scientifically developed to learn language & communication quickly and proficiently
  • Vastly increases the learning efficiency of the total brain
  • Has a positive impact on multiple intelligence quotients
  • Children may enjoy a life-long advantage of faster academic and social advancement.

Musical English is comprised of the most common everyday vocabulary and structured in practical usages within songs that are easy to follow and memorize. As children repeat the role-play activities based on real-life situations, they are able to better and more effectively express themselves in real life situations. This program includes content that will help to prepare students for elementary school.

Meet your new best friends

Jim Hubbard & Minnie Park
Jim Hubbard & Minnie ParkThe Founders
Musical English founders and creators have both spent considerable time in music performance first, story writing, radio and TV appearances, and more. Combining their talents, they have developed Musical English into the Number 1 language and communications development program for children.
AJ Lennon
AJ LennonRegional Director, California
A graduate of South Korea’s prestigious Seoul Performing Arts Institute (the Juilliard of Korea), AJ Lennon is Musical English’s Regional Director for California bringing the most scientifically developed language and communications program for your child to learn to communicate quickly and proficiently.
Teaching Staff
Teaching StaffTeachers from Around the World
Musical English teachers undergo a comprehensive teacher training program in order to qualify to work with and teach Musical English programs. Each training level requires 40 hours of training, plus on the job training prior to becoming a “head teacher” able to teach programs on their own.
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