Musical English Program

Musical English teaches language and communication with social skills through musical performance incorporating vocabulary, song, music, dance, and acting. Musical English is comprised of the most common everyday vocabulary and structured in practical usages within songs that are easy to follow and memorize.

As children repeat role-play activities based on real-life situations, they are able to better and more effectively express themselves in real life situations. This program includes content that will help to prepare students for elementary school.

Full Program Study Materials

Musical English helps to train children’s ears to listening and communication skills.

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Musical Performance Content

Musical English focuses on fundamental conversation skills recommended by the education policy such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Children will learn naturally by repeating songs that include phrases from the learned dialogues and expressing themselves through acting and dance, and ending with a chant. Musical English songs are created so that each verse can be sung with correct pronunciation and intonation so that when kids sing the songs, they will naturally learn the correct pronunciations and usages.

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