Yes. Normally when conducting transactions on our website an SSL security certificate is required.  However, when signing up for classes or other purchases you are redirected to our Mind Body account that handles all transactions.  Mind Body has the highest security standards and your information is safe. The signup section of our website is secure for transactions, and any details entered will be encrypted before being sent to the server. We assure you that your personal and banking details will be kept private under the highest available commercial security protocols.

**We must note the disclaimer that even Sony, Target, Anthem Blue Cross, Bank of America, and the US Military have all been hacked (and more).  We cannot guarantee 100% safety, and any online service that does may run into trouble making such a claim.  

The usual enrollment protocol is to fill out a sign-up form at your school and the Musical English staff will enter your information and set up an account that will track your payments and class attendance.

If you experience problems while trying to enroll by yourself online to any of our classes, please contact us by filling in any of the contact forms on any page and let us know what you need help with and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

Depending on the program your child is enrolled in, there may be a recital/final performance at the end of the session.

Form My Musical Theater classes there are possible costs such as costumes, stage prep, venue or other. This all depends on how elaborate the group of parents of the children would like to make the performance.

In the past, some have kept the performance very simple and children have created their own costumes – other more sophisticated performances have included costume purchase or rental, stage, back drops, props, etc, and selling tickets to cover the costs to friends and family of the performers. It is up to your class/location to discuss with the teacher and determine what you would like to do.

Musical English study materials are available for purchase directly from MyMusicalEnglish.com’s online store.  (*the online store is currently being set up. Please click here to contact us for program materials.)

Yes!  When you enroll your child into one of the Musical English classes, whether it is for 8, 12, or 16 weeks, the books and CDs are included.  The class materials will be provided by the teacher.

Yes, you can audit a class before you enroll. Please contact us here to make arrangements.

Please dress your child in comfortable everyday clothing. We will be moving around, playing, singing, and generally have a lot of fun. We want your children to be as comfortable as possible.

Age groups for classes and study programs are as follows:

There are no auditions for classes required.  All children are welcome.  We are not an entertainment production, rather we are a scientifically developed early child development program that happens to use Musical Theater as a vehicle to reach children and help improve their learning abilities.

Classes are easy to sign up for. Please go to one of these links to choose the class you would like to enroll your child.

Please see read about our Methodology on the Home page and About Us page.

Children’s brains are extraordinarily active taking in information at an unheard of pace when infants, toddlers and children through about five or six years old. During these early years a child’s core personality and ability to learn are formed. There is no time in life when the brain development is more rapidly growing than during the first five years. We know for sure that learning doesn’t start in school…it begins at birth.  So nurture your child’s greatness with us – give those first 5 to 6 years the best possible love and support so your kids can thrive as adults.

We can never promise that your child’s IQ will increase, however, according to the study from the University of Toronto back in 2006, their results found that children who learned through play and acting had an average of 4 .2 points higher IQ that other children who did not.  And, children who learned through music had a higher average of 7.6 points.  Musical English combines all of these activities into an exceptionally fun learning environment with Musical Theater for early childhood development.

Depending on the class your child attends, children typically have increased vocabulary, improvement in social skills, and have built confidence from where they started.