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We believe and live by the fact that our children are our future.

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Little Musical English is a early child language and communication development program that help children develop communication, vocabulary, confidence, social skills, responsibility and expressiveness through musicals. Read more…
Little Musical English includes:
  • 1,100 Vocabulary Words
  • 360 Phrases
  • 96 Chants
  • 38 Songs

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Musical English is comprised of the most common everyday vocabulary and structured in practical usages within songs that are easy to follow and memorize.

As children repeat role-play activities based on real-life situations, they are able to better and more effectively express themselves in real life situations. This program includes content that will help to prepare students for elementary school. Read more…

Musical English helps to train children’s ears to listening and communication skills, and includes:

  • 2,472 Vocabulary words
  • 1,282 Phrases
  • 90 Chants
  • 120 Songs

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My Musical Theater is our children’s more advanced program where they get to practice, practice, practice, and perform a show for all of their family and friends.  Classic stories such as as Aladdin, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and more. Read more…
Musical Performances open children's ears to improve and sharpen language and communication skills.
  • 2,693 Vocabulary Words
  • 2,572 Phrases
  • 117 Songs

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Musical World Story is a program that helps to grow children's minds through learning language and stories from all over the world.  Along with their ability to express themselves. It also provides help with speech and is an advance learning process that proudly won first prize in the English Essay Contest. Read more…

To open children’s ears to language development, World Story includes:
  • 1,173 Vocabulary words
  • 35 Songs

Rythm Phonics

Our Musical English Specialty Programs help infant and toddler children with cognitive development.Children experience everyday vocabulary from situations they might face during a vacation. The Special Program takes the children on seasonal trips that describe the shapes, forms, and colors (and mixed colors) of objects, and the names of the four seasons, 12 months, and countries.
Read more…

Organization of the program by age level:
  • Four Seasons (Ages 2 – 3, Summer Ship)
  • Shapes (Ages 2 – 3, Winter Ship)
  • Twelve Months (Ages 2 – 3, Summer Ship)
  • Mix The Colors (Ages 2 – 3, Winter Ship)
  • Buddy’s World Trip 1 (Ages 4 – 5, Summer Ship)
  • Buddy’s World Trip 2 (Ages 4 – 5, Winter Ship)
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