My Musical Theater Performance

Musical English teaches language and communication with social skills through musical performance incorporating vocabulary, song, music, dance, and acting.

Performance includes beginning levels through advanced performing musical plays such as Aladdin, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and more.

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Musical Theater Performance is our children's more advanced program where they get to practice, practice, practice, and perform a show for all of their family and friends.

Musical English Theater Program-1500 - Musical English - early childhood learning program

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Musical Performance Content

Musical Performances open children's ears to improve and sharpen language and communication skills.

Performance is a leadership program that can help children develop confidence, responsibility and expressiveness through musicals.

At the end of the class cycle children will will put on a performance that will illustrate their increased performance abilities and perhaps discover the child's hidden talents in a memorable performance program.

Parents and children alike will feel moved by the enthusiastic and sophisticated music and dance performance. The accomplishment of musical performance will give the children the gift of accomplishment and an unforgettable experience.

Musical Theater Performance of Aladdin
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