Believe it or not, the Holiday Season is almost among us, along with its customary rituals and feasts. Yes, and Gift giving as well. Just as if the stress of every day life, the price of oil and the forest fires are not enough, now we have to shoulder the additional stress of picking out great gifts, and get them delivered on time and without burning a hole in our pockets.

A lot has been written about Toys in 2007. How some of them are ultra cool like the Terminator or the plush Growing Puppy, or even a toy Squawking Parrot has done the rounds of email chains. Then we hear murmurs about an artificial shortage, of course the price is through the roof at 500 dollars plus. Going through all the blogs about toys, after adjusting for price, availability and boredom, I was left at the same place where I left off – Square one.

San Diego has its share of boutique shops, or so I thought. May be I will pick up some interesting gifts for my nieces. A day window shopping was spent to no avail and still my shopping list was open.

With time ticking away, I turned to the Internet. What other gifts can be given which has the children screaming for more and my banker quiet and content? Then it hit me, sometimes conventional old fashioned gifts are overlooked in our mad scramble, designer children clothes make a wonderful gift.

Armed with the knowledge that every kid likes a new dress, I started my search for San Diego Children Clothing. I wanted something unique of course, so Boutique Children Apparel or San Diego baby clothes were my first searches. With time, I understood to refine them to pinpoint my focus – Clothes for Kids San Diego or boutique childrens clothing are the ones I was looking for. is a great site, with boutique kids clothing at wholesale childrens clothing prices. It has the right mix of variety, a lot of choices without going overboard, and soon enough, I was in love with the site that I started reminiscing about my own childhood, how my dad bought my and brother new clothes every holiday season.

I was shaken out of my reverie by my daughter, who had decided on her dress and wanted me to buy it. With a spring in my fingers, I obliged!


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